Tough Mudder Payment Plans

We're excited to introduce payment plans as an option for when you purchase your ticket. There are a couple of important things that you'll need to know before taking up this option. 

1. Your booking is not complete until the final payment is received. 

2. Your registration will not show as valid in the system until all payments are made. If attempting to check-in at the event with an incomplete ticket i will be required to finalise payment prior to entry. 

3. If payment is declined due to insufficient funds or a change in card, you'll be notified by email and promoted to complete the payment instalment via your My Events portal. Payments will not be made automatically. 

4. If you no longer wish to participate at the event then your ticket will be subject to the same cancellation policy that is in place for all events ticket purchases. That is, refunds are possible outside of 60 days prior to the event with a cancellation fee of $30 applied to the refund. The $30 cancellation fee is applied to what has been paid at the time of the cancellation. 

5. Ticket transfers are available both inside and outside of 60 days prior to the event, however transfers are only available once the total payment is received. Your ticket will be cancelled without refund and you'll be provided with a  code that will enable registration without cost. 

6. If you are unable to complete all payments prior to the event, your ticket is deemed to be incomplete and forfeited. 




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