How do I purchase multiple tickets without entering everyone's details

You can purchase 'blank' registrations that you can invite friends to accept through the following method: 

1. Select that you'd like to purchase only 1 ticket on the first page, and that the ticket is for yourself. 
2. Enter personal details and proceed to section where it asks if you'd like to join or create a team. Select that you'd like to create team. 
3. Enter team name and password if you'd like to make team private. 
4. Select option to purchase pre-paid tickets. Select that you'd like to purchase however many pre-paid tickets you need (Does not include the ticket you are buying for yourself). 
5. Enter email addresses of participants if you know them, or this can be done after payment through your 'my events portal' (link at the bottom of confirmation email). 
6. Proceed to payment, where you'll be able to pay for all pre-paid tickets and your personal ticket. 



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