What should I wear or bring for my Volunteer shift?

Depending on the location, the weather could be hot, cold, dry, humid, or wet (or all of the above!!). Keep in mind that in any of these scenarios, you'll be exposed to the elements. So, check the weather before event weekend.

Here are our key recommendations:
Lots of layers: The volunteer t-shirt always needs to be the top layer, but we recommend lots of layers underneath so that you can adjust as the weather changes throughout the day. And, if you're lucky, maybe you can even keep one layer mud-free for the trip home.
Waterproof gear: You may want to wear waterproof clothing in case it starts raining, you're stationed near a water obstacle or water station, or you want to try and keep the mud off of you. If it is cold outside, staying dry is definitely a bonus.
Comfortable, sturdy shoes or boots: We require you to wear closed toe shoes for safety, but also make sure they are comfortable. It's likely that you'll be standing for a lot of the time you are on site, so shoes with good support which you don't mind getting muddy will be your friend. (Think: hiking shoes!)

If it's hot: Hat, lot's of sunscreen and sunglasses

If it's cold: Hat, scarf, gloves, warm socks, a winter jacket, and sunscreen.
Your favorite snacks: We provide a light breakfast and lunch, but do pack your favorite snacks and additional hydration to keep you sustained throughout your shift. You will thank yourself.
A small bag (if you need it): We cannot secure your volunteer bags on site, so make sure you only bring the essentials that you want to keep with your throughout the duration of your shift. Otherwise, leave everything else at home or in your car.
Something wacky: If you're the type of person who likes to entertain an audience, then feel free to bring your orange wig or favorite tutu. Just make sure your volunteer t-shirt will fit over your accessories!



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