How do I get and use my discount code?

To qualify for the volunteer discount, you must volunteer for the complete duration of a shift at a Tough Mudder Classic or Tough Mudder 5km. At the event you must check in and out with your Volunteer Manager so they can provide you with a discount code. Please note there are different instructions depending on whether you would like to use your discount to run on the same weekend you volunteered OR if you would like to use your discount code for a future Tough Mudder event.                                                      

Volunteering & running in the same weekend?                                                                                       

At the conclusion of your shift you will be asked whether or not you would like to use your discount code to run the same weekend as your volunteer experience. If the answer is yes, we will get you to register for your selected event in Volunteer HQ where we will also require payment via cash or card if you did a half day shift. A full day entitles you to a FREE ticket.  This allows you to then simply arrive like any other particpant the following day and check in through registration. 

Volunteering & running in the future?                                                                                                    

 At the conclusion of your shift, please let our Volunteer Manager know that you are interested in a discount code to apply at a future Tough Mudder event. We will then record your details and send you an email with your code. Your discount code will then be provided along with instructions.

Run on Saturday & volunteer on Sunday.
As an Volunteer you have the opportunity to run Saturday (having registered through the system and paying) and volunteer on Sunday. This is only possible at the same event and by following the details below. Before purchasing your participant ticket, please review the reimbursement timeline below very carefully. 

In advance, you must: Purchase a standard Saturday participant entry via credit card before arriving on site via Active. This is a deposit against completing your Sunday volunteer shift. Register for (and confirm) a Sunday volunteer shift.

On event weekend, you must: Attend the entirety of your Sunday shift. Check out of your shift. Fill out a reimbursement form instead of collecting the discount code. To be clear, when you elect to receive a reimbursement, you will not receive a code.

Reimbursement Timeline: Your reimbursement will take between up to 2 weeks to process (dependent on your bank). 

Fine Print:Reimbursements will only be processed for running and volunteering at the same event or same location within a week of each other. You'll receive a refund equal to the difference between the price you paid and your entitled discounted run price (FREE for full day or $40/$20 total for half day volunteer). All AUS tickets are subject to standard taxes and processing fees. If you do not complete your full shift, you will not receive a refund on your participant entry Note: Refunds are still not available for previously purchased Sunday tickets if volunteering on a Saturday or tickets for a different event.


- One half-day shift: you can run TM Classic for $40 or TM 5km for $20

- One full-day shift: you can run one event for FREE

- Volunteer discount codes cannot be mixed with any other event promotion.

Do you want to spectate for FREE instead?

Let your Volunteer Manager know at check-out, and you'll be hooked up with a specific code coupon for that.

*Future Event = Your discount code will be valid for the year you volunteered or the one year proceeding.

How to redeem your code:

Step 1: Sign out at the end of your volunteer shift and receive your discount code.

REMINDER: If you are volunteering Saturday and planning to run Sunday, make sure you know what times the start waves are being released. (It's generally a smaller window compared to Saturdays.)

  • Step 2:Save your code somewhere safe, as we can't replace lost codes.

    Pro tip: Take a photo of your code and email it to yourself using your mobile device as we have heard of people's phones catching fire or being dropped in the toilet! (Yes, we've heard a lot)
  • Step 3:Visit from either your mobile device or computer, and navigate to the event page you wish to participate.
  • Choose your preferred day and click 'Register'.
  • Step 4:Fill out the entry form as normal, completing all the personal details and the waiver at the end, and click continue when it's complete. 
  • Step 5: The checkout page is where you'll be able to enter your code. The entry fee will appear on the page but once you have entered your code in the coupon code box, the fee will be reduced by 100% if you volunteered for a full day or down to $40 to participate in the Classic or $20 for the Half.  
  • Step 6:Click complete and you are done! 
  • Step 7:In preparation for your event day:

    - Print out your ticket or make sure it's available on your mobile device.

    - Print, complete, and bring your participant waiver with you.

    - Check the events page on the main Tough Mudder website to make sure you have all the information you require and understand all your parking options.
  • Step 8:Show up on event day and head to the participant Check-In area.

    *Future Event = Your discount code will be valid for the year you volunteered or the one year proceeding.



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