What can I expect from my volunteer experience?

In addition to a whole lot of MUD, here's a list of things to expect so that you are fully prepared for your shift.
 - Once you have signed up on the portal you will receive a confirmation email for your shift.
 - 10 weeks out from the event you'll be asked to confirm your shift via email.
 - 10 days prior to the event you will receive an email with your information pack (including parking pass) - make sure you check your spam & promotions tab.
 - 3 days prior to the event you'll receive your final email and it's time to get prepped for the event (think planning your journey, packing and those extra snacks etc).
 - On arrival you will be checked in at the volunteer tent, where you will be able to pick up your volunteer t-shirt & cap. Prior to being sent out to your role will receive a briefing from the volunteer manager.
 - Breakfast and/or lunch (shift dependant) will be provided - make sure to pack some extra snacks to keep you going.
 - Lots of muddy hugs & high fives during your shift.
 - Check out at the end of your shift at the volunteer tent - you must do this to receive your volunteer discount.
 - Check your emails for the volunteer survey. 
 We rely on the support of awesome volunteers like you and have allocated roles based on specific event delivery needs. Therefore, please ONLY sign up to volunteer for a shift that you are able to attend for its entirety. We promise the perks will be worth it at the end!



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