What benefits do I receive from Volunteering?

You'll have a great time being on 'Probably the Best Team on the Planet' meeting other awesome volunteers, helping Mudders and most importantly, having FUN.

You'll also receive the following:

DISCOUNTED PARTICIPANT ENTRY FEE* - Use your volunteer discount to run a Tough Mudder 5km or Classic for FREE (if you volunteer for one full-day shift) or $40 off TM Classic/$20 TM 5km (if you volunteer for one half-day shift) or for free if you would like to spectate. 

DISCOUNTED CAMPING - We want you to be on fire, on-site, and on time for your crucial event role. What a better way than to take advantage of camping at our Australian venues. Only available at some venues. 

FREE PARKING - Your volunteer information pack will include a parking ticket for you to use on the day. 

FREE T-SHIRT - Free Tough Mudder Volunteer t-shirt

FREE BEER - One free beer after your shift (Local age restrictions apply; those laws even apply at Tough Mudder)

FREE CAP - Free Tough Mudder MVP cap

FREE HIGH FIVES AND HUGS - Offer them out and your experience will become electric as you embody Mudder Nation



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