Can I get a Season pass?

Do you like to think you are the toughest of the lot? Then the 2018 season pass is the thing for you. 

The 2018 Season pass allows you to register for Tough Mudder Sydney, Melbourne and SE QLD in 2018. It does not include Toughest Mudder entry.

The pass works as follows: 

  1. Head to the 'offers' page on the Tough Mudder website. (See attachment as reference).
  2. Select 'buy now'.
  3. Purchase your race pass for $299
  4. You will get sent an automated email with a unique code
  5. You then need to take this code and register in each event you want to participate in. Note: only valid for up to six registrations per year, so SE QLD Sat and Sun, Melbourne Sat and Sun, and Sydney Sat and Sun. NOT valid for Toughest
  6. During registration, you will see the field ‘race pass’, this is where you input your code.
  7. Finish registration, you wont be charged for your ticket, buy you will pay for any add ons like parking you purchased.
  8. You will get sent a confirmation email- this is your ticket



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