Why does Tough Mudder support beyondblue?

We are excited to be working with beyondblue as our official charity partner. beyondblue wants every Australian to achieve their best possible mental health and exercise can be a great way to start. We know it boosts physical health, but it can also benefit mental wellbeing and exercising in a group is a fantastic way to make social connections. Tough Mudder is all about team work and looking out for your mates and that’s what beyondblue encourages people to do when it comes to mental health; check in with your friends and family, especially if you notice they’re struggling with work, relationships or other aspects of life. Conditions such as depression and anxiety are treatable but often it’s that first step, asking for help, that’s the hardest. For more information on beyondblue and all the fantastic work they do, head to their website: https://www.beyondblue.org.au/



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